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Through The Day Blend 100g

A blend of Indian Assam and two Ceylon single estate teas, and a Chinese Yunnan Black blending base tea. It’s lighter than a morning tea and if you’re the type of person who drinks a lot of tea, maybe three to four cups per day, then this blend is perfect for you.

Pouch of tea

Chai Black 75g

Chiya & Chai’s Signature spiced tea. This one hits all the senses; you can almost smell and hear the bustling spice markets of India and Nepal. It’s beautiful to look at, not to mention the health benefits. Your choice to enjoy with or without milk.

Pouch of tea

Jade Tips Green 50g
(Xin Yiang Mao Jian )
This is in the top ten of most famous teas from China and is sourced from Xin Yiang, Henan Province. This is a beautiful fresh and elegant green tea. Mao Jian means “fur tips” and refers to the appearance of the young leaf.

Pouch of tea

Earl Grey 75g

One of the most popular teas world-wide, there's a huge variety of Earl Grey options. This one is classic, with a twist. Black tea, flavoured with oil of bergamot and the addition of blue cornflowers. A feast for the eyes and a familiar aroma to enjoy on it's own, with milk or lemon.

Equivalent to 80 cups when the leaves are infused twice.

Equivalent to 60 cups when the leaves are infused twice.

Equivalent to 40 cups when the leaves are infused twice.

Equivalent to 60 cups when the leaves are infused twice.

Ingredients: Blended Black Teas; Ceylon, Yunnan Black, Assam

Ingredients: Black Tea (63%), Cinnamon, Ginger, Anise, Green Cardamom Pods, Pink Peppercorns, Cloves, Star Anise

Ingredients: Chinese Green Tea

Ingredients: Blended Black Teas (97%); Ceylon, Assam, Natural Flavourings, Blue Cornflowers.

2.5g /1 teaspoon of tea leaves is all you need for a beautiful cup of tea and it's because of the quality of the leaf, that each tea can be infused over again at least once.

So each pouch of tea will make between 40-80 cups of tea.


Each loose leaf tea is available as individual teas, in starter packs and in gift options.

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Teas are available as subscription teas on a rolling monthly basis or paid in advance, lasting 6 or 12 months.

Subscriptions tea choices can be changed as the collection grows.

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